motorcycle apparel for motorcycle boot and harley davidson boots, ryder clips are the motorcycle accessory and apparel that secure your pants when riding.

March 25th 2011
Thanks Daniel:  I talked with Bobbie and ordered the V-twin Skin.

  I do marketing for Harley-Davidson dealers around the country, so I am socially connected to the riding community. 

Could you send me a little jpeg or something small to pitch this product.  I would like to upload it to my facebook page.  The customer service has been unbelievable and I would like to help you sell your product! 

Because I ride, I have a few ideas of my own that I think would be good sellers but never had any more energy to do anything with that, but I love your idea and product.  I wish I would have found you 3 years ago, as I've been through many shoes!

Rating: "A 10!" - March/2011
I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for being apologetic, honest and professional regarding my complaint. It is rare to find a company willing to take responsibility for a product that a customer complains about and earnestly tries to resolve the issue or admit that a problem actually exists.  For that alone you have earned my respect and deepest gratitude. I wish you luck in all of your future endeavors and I sincerely hope you follow up with designing the air valve caps we discussed. Please feel free to call me from time to time and include me in future product focus group activities.  I know you ride Harley's and probably try to serve that particular market segment, but don't cut your earning short by leaving out the sport/sport tourer groups; we like to spend our money on brickabrack too!
Vaughn Banks
Uniondale, NY

Rating: "A 10!" - Feb/2011
Regarding Ryder Clips -
I received my clips yesterday. "Damn
that was quick." Now I just gotta wait for my boots to come in.  Thanks, the clips look awesome!
Doug Kekahuna
Mansfield, TX

Rating: "A 10!" - Feb/2011
Regarding the New Rubber Shift Sock -
Awesome Product, Thanks!!
Yaw Agyare
Mansfield, TX

Rating: "A 10!" - Oct/2010
I purchased a set of ryder clips about a month ago and I broke of of them. I just received the replacement set that your company sent to me at no charge. Just wanted to say thank you for the great customer service!.

Rating: "Good Job!" - April/2009
I just received my ryder clips today, and havta say that it was the most impressive packaging I've ever seen. Not only are the clips awesome,.... i can't wait to shine up my boots and get them on. Good job guys. Wish you guys the best! love the quote!

Rating: "A 10!" - Sept/2008
Awesome, it works great and gets a 10 from me.

Rating: Fits like a glove - Sept/2008
The Shifter Sock works awsome... great and fits like a glove.

Rating: Best Product Ever - May/2008
This has to be the best product ever. I use to wear the over the shoe shift sock which attracted a lot of attention. Now I can wear my shoes and not attract attention to myself and still have nice white shoes. This is one great idea.

Rating: Awesome Function - June/2007
These things are awesome and very eye catching on the bike , I love them they worked great for me on the bike for the ride in the rain at Bike week in myrtle Beach this year, and the ride back home to VA, anyways...Danny Boy you have one hell of a product just get some more designs out there also ....take care
Mike Hackley

Rating: Great Quality - Sept/2007

I never ever get on my bike and ride without them now. I love them!! These clips are so much better than all the crap clips that are available today. GREAT PRODUCT!!!


Woonsocket Rhode Island

Rating: Lots of Compliments- July/2007
Well what can i say ryder clips are an every day part of my life. Dont leave home with out them and I have at least one person a day ask me about my cool clips they love them and want to know where they can get a set so I direct them to your web sight . So I hope they are ordering them they have been a hit and this weekend at biker bonanza in florence ky I know everyone will be asking about them. Well, love my clips and will keep tellin pepole where they can get theres thanks .
Ray Jones
florence ky

Rating: Awesome Function - May/2007
The clips are great. They do what they are made to do. So, when is the "Pig" line coming out?
Charles Wagoner
Spring Hill Florida

Rating: A Hit in Sweden - April/2007
Hi i got introduced to ryder clips by my father scott mello, and i showed some shop owners here in sweden the product and they were very satisfied, pls email me back and of its possible i would like to be an importer to the swedish and nordic shops, best regards.
Alexander Mello
Borrby, Sweden

Rating: Should have bought more - August/2007
  Finally something that really works. Bought the front clips (Skull and Wing) from you last weekend at the Vintage MC Days event. My five hour ride home and my pants stayed down the entire trip. Probably should have bought the complete set but the front clips are doing the job.
Jeff A Watson

Rating: World's best product! - January/2008
Mark Baxter, West palm Beach, FL
World's Best Product! Bought these at the Toys In The Sun Run, Dec.9th...can't believe I've gotten by on so many bikes (sport and cruiser) without them!!! Piece of mind..kick my feet up on the pegs and no wind-rain-or BUGS!!..Ride safe D.

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