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The Ryder Clips Shift Sock is the solution for keeping the riders’ sneaker or boot clean without attaching anything to the shoe (for example, cutting socks and putting them over the sneaker or boot). They are made of neoprene, an extremely durable wet suit/dive material for all weather that stretches to fit sport bike shift levers.

The Ryder Clips Shift Sock TM is designed to easily slip over the shifter then zip down the shift arm and securely hold in place. Sewn with high quality stitching for long life. The black pads on both sides of the Ryder Clips Shift Sock TM are made of a softer material that can help remove lightly soiled areas on the sneaker or boot. These pads will come off over time and the soft neoprene will continue to function, keeping sneaker or boot clean.

Available Colors: Red, Blue, Black, Silver, Green, Yellow

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